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Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions:
About BusyBees Group

is boutique cleaning company specialized in skill demanding residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and building maintenance. BusyBees has been present in Dubai since 2008 and Egypt since 2013. We are a customer oriented company, focused on high quality cleaning services using special German made equipment and environmental friendly US made detergents.

Who We Are?

Established in 2008 in Dubai, BusyBees is a customer oriented privately owned family business, committed to deliver outstanding cleaning services

Owners Background

Mrs. Rania El Didi & Mr. Sherif Fouad, the founders of BusyBees Group, have both worked for world renowned multinational companies, and are highly certified and trained on every aspect of the cleaning business as well as all pest and rodents control techniques. Mrs. El Didi holds an MBA & a PMP certificate, Mr. Fouad a banker for 11 years, he specialized in technical cleaning of solar cells (certificate), as well as a Pest and Rodent Control certification, among others in and around the field.

Our Mission

Win and retain a satisfied clientele base through supplying a wide range of quality skill demanding services, using state of the art equipment, highly qualified staff, and -exclusively- environmental friendly detergents.

At BusyBees Dubai We
  • Develop flexible, innovative, customer oriented cleaning services according to clients’ needs
  • Choose our staff meticulously, using strict security background checks
  • Establish effective communication between management and staff
  • Quality assure and monitor our staff performance during and after the service
  • Continuously develop our staff with ongoing assessment & training
  • Maintain a detailed operational and reporting system
  • Diversify and strengthen our competitive advantages and product offerings