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At CreaKids, every child is seen, heard and valued. ​

The period of a child’s life, from birth – 8 years of age is the most important period of human development. Although we learn throughout our life, learning takes place during this phase, at a speed at which is unequalled later in life. It is for this reason that choosing the right early years’ experience for your child is so important.

Play is vital for young children as it allows them to gain essential knowledge and skills. For this reason, play opportunities and environments that promote play, exploration and hands-on learning play a critical role in building the foundations for a child’s future learning. At CreaKids, we recognize the importance of play and work to ensure that we provide creative and engaging play opportunities for all children. Our aim is to encourage children to master skills and foster learning in ways that are both well planned for and also take advantage of incidental ‘in the moment’ opportunities.

Our learning environment has been created with children in mind – children are encouraged to make choices and become independent learners in safe and supported manner. Our well- resourced classrooms contain age and stage appropriate furniture and equipment for the children to use. We also believe it is important for them to learn how to look after the items that they use every day – so this is built into the learning that we do!

Children need time outdoors to play, explore and investigate. During the cooler months we always look at ways we can take the learning outdoors – this might mean free flow activities, exploring the community around us, going for nature walks or trips out that support our areas of learning.

The staff that we have within our settings are highly qualified and experienced – and know what engaging playful learning looks like. The team is constantly looking for ways that we can improve the learning that takes place and bring in exciting new ideas and concepts. A lot of time is spent reflecting on the children that we have in the classes and how we can best meet their needs, interests and challenge them.